Corpo ricco e gusto avvolgente
Senza zucchero
100% arabica
100% made in Italy

Nota soave e gusto pieno
Con zucchero
100% arabica
100% made in Italy

Aroma gentile e gusto inaspettato
100% Arabica
100% Made in Italy

Abbraccio inebriante tra Oriente e Equatore “East frisian Sundau” con vaniglia

Self-heating Beverages

Our package is an ORIGAMI composed of 2 hermetically separated compartments able to self-heat without recourse to external energy sources, thanks to the use of natural calcium oxide.

Rich body and enveloping taste
Without sugar
100% Arabica
100% Made in Italy

Sweet note and full taste
With sugar
100% Arabica
100% Made in Italy

Gentle aroma and unexpected taste
100% Arabica
100% Made in Italy

Heady embrace between East and Equator
“East frisian Sunday”
with vanilla

Are you undecided? Enjoy them all!

Experiental box of 12 self-heating drinks:
n. 4 self-heating 90 ml SWEET coffee
n. 4 self-heating BITTER coffee 90 ml
n. 4 self-heating BLACK TEA WITH VANILLA 90 ml

Get carried away by the warm embrace!

Experiental box of 15 drinks dedicated to coffee lovers::
n. 5  coffee DOLCE self-heating 50 ml
n. 5  coffee AMARO self-heating 50 ml
n. 5 coffee HAZELNUT self-heating 50 ml

If you are a true coffee lover you can’t resixt!  

Self-heating Technology

Pressing the part indicated on the package, inside one of the compartments breaks a layer of aluminum that causes an exothermic reaction, controlled and natural. This is caused by the contact between the calcium oxide and the water contained in the sachet.

This reaction generates heat which is then transferred, by means of tinplate, to the beverage contained in the other compartment.

Started the EXOTHERMIC reaction, the temperature will vary within 3 minutes of about 30 ºC compared to the room temperature and will be able to maintain the heat throughout the coffee break.

The agitation phase is important and necessary, as it allows the beverage contained in one of the two compartments to come into contact with the heat generated by the reaction.

This way you get a ready drink to drink at the right temperature.