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Coffee Shades


Autumn Caresses

Let yourself go in a warm embrace and enjoy the taste experience of the self-heating Pocket Bar drinks!

Now you can try them all in our box containing:

  • 4 x Bitter Coffee 90 ml;
  • 4 x Sweet Coffee 90 ml;
  • 4 x Black Tea with Vanilla 90 ml.

Aggiungi un tocco di classe al tuo regalo grazie alla carta velina Pocket Bar che avvolgerà i prodotti

Shipping included


Coffee infusion (water, ground coffee 12%), sugar.

Coffee infusion (water, ground coffee 12%).

Tea infusion ( water, East Frisian Sunday Black Tea with Vanilla), sugar.


Do not open untill 3 minutes after activation.

Do not activate if the initial temperature of the product exceeds 30° C.

If the packet swells, shake it untill the swelling disappears.

Do not break the packaging.

Failure to comply with the instructions for use can lead to swelling of the bag with consequent escape of hot steam from the breaking point.

Autumn caresses

Our box containing:
  •  4 x SWEET coffee 90 ml
  • 4 x BITTER coffee 90 ml
  • 4 x BLACK TEA with Vanilla 90 ml

Shipping included