Our coffee is not an espresso, but a coffee filter.

It is produced with the principle of Neapolitan Moka coffee maker but calibrated for the large volumes of production. The quality does not change, we serve 100% arabica coffee of higher quality.

Arabica coffee is the most versatile among coffees, in this case a mixture of three varieties of Arabica plant is used.

Ethiopia in extracts with moka coffee maker has a light body and wild taste while Guatemala and Honduras give a full body, rich and an enveloping taste balancing with each other to give PocketBar coffee the perfect balance so sought after.

PocketBar Caffè is available in three different flavors: Sugar-free, Sugar Added and Hazelnut.


Coffee infusion (water, 12% ground coffee)


Do not open until 3 minutes after activation.

Do not activate if the initial temperature of the product exceeds 30 ° C

If the package swells, shake it until the swelling goes away.

Do not break the packaging.